Company profile

Tecyea Introduction

Dongguan Tecyea Electronics Limited was founded in 2003, is a group enterprise specializing in designing and manufacturing Lithium-ion Battery packs, Power Banks, Mobile accessories and Power Solutions for mobile devices. Precise Mould and Plastic Injection are our another specialty. Tecyea has 3 companies with 45,000-square-meter plant and 1000 employees, that are providing OEM/ODM service to numerous world-class companies with the Proven successful records. Tecyea is recognized for our rich experience in Power Solutions, excellent performance in one-stop technology service and project management, good QCD capability from lean manufacturing management and strict quality control. Tecyea team keeps improving our work and aim to bring more and better value to our customers.


Tecyea Strength

  • National High-tech Enterprise since October 2015

  • Domestic Listed Company since August 2016

  • Apple-authorized MFi qualified Manufacturer(V6.4)

  • Core Partner of world-class customers and brands in energy solutions

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